Acne And Pregnancy


The connection between acne and pregnancy has long been documented.

Pregnant women often report an increase in acne outbreaks not only on the face but on the chest and back as well. In an effort to properly prepare for the growing fetus, the female body goes through many changes.

The two primary female hormones at work in every woman’s body are progesterone and estrogen. During pregnancy, progesterone becomes the dominant hormone, taking on new roles as the fetus develops. Progesterone is more androgenic than estrogen, which basically means it is more like the hormones found in men. Increased progesterone during pregnancy causes the sebaceous glands to produce more sebaceous oils than normal. Once these oils, combine with dead skin cells and dirt become trapped in pores acne appears.

The best way to handle acne during pregnancy is to realize that it is a short-term problem that will usually go away once the baby is born. There are topical treatments containing benzol peroxide which are reported to be safe to use during pregnancy.

Always consult your doctor first! A dermatologist will be knowledgeable about the issues involving acne and pregnancy. Although many acne treatments will not be an option for you during this time, recommended topical treatments may help to improve your appearance.

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