Acne Skin Care Cosmetics


Acne skin care cosmetics are your survival kit. Your new acne medication promises fast results in 7 days, but you’ve got to put your best face forward today.

All you need is to learn a few creative acne makeup concealing tips to help you look your very best always.

Using makeup to conceal acne isn’t difficult, but there are some basic rules that you should always follow.

Your Basic Acne Makeup Toolkit

Your three acne-hiding makeup weapons will be a concealer, a foundation and a finishing powder. When choosing your acne skin care cosmetics, stay away from ‘cheap makeup’ and use only brand names that you can trust.

Choose only oil-free makeup products that match your skin tone. Oil-free is the key to success here so read the labels carefully. You don’t want to aggravate your existing acne problem by layering a fresh coat of oil on skin that already has too much to begin with. Choose a hypoallergenic brand while you’re at it.

There are cosmetics called corrective cosmetics, specifically formulated to cover acne blemishes and scars without further irritating the condition. They are not very expensive and definitely effective.

The first time that you use a new brand acne skin care cosmetic, test it by applying small dabs to a spot under your jaw to see how your skin reacts. If you are going to have a problem you will know within an hour or so after applying it. Nothing is worse than adding more blotches to an already colorful face.

Before you begin…

    Gently wash your face – never scrub, with your normal face cleansing product and pat dry. Apply your acne medication per the instructions and let it dry throughly.

Start with the concealer…

    Apply the concealer in a light dabbing motion directly to any dark blotches or red areas that the acne has produced on your skin. Blend the concealer in using a disposable facial sponge. Use the concealer sparingly. You can always apply more if you need it but you don’t want to layer it on too thickly. It will look terrible when it dries.

Next, apply the foundation…

    Apply the foundation sparingly as well and use a light dabbing motion here too. Blend the foundation with your sponge and reapply to any areas that need it.

And now for the final touch…

    Apply a light layer of the oil-free powder using a large makeup brush. This will take care of any shine that the acne concealer and foundation left behind and it will give you an even and finished look.

    Throw away the disposable sponges when you are through so you don’t transfer yesterday’s skin oil to tomorrow’s clean face!

Always wash your face throughly to remove all makeup before you go to bed, but preferably as soon as you can after you return home. You want your skin to breath and your acne to get as much fresh air as possible.

Remember — Makeup conceals acne, it doesn’t cure it!

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