Facts About Acne – Who Gets Acne?


Probably one of the most obvious facts about acne is that anyone can develop it.

Although most commonly associated with teenagers, acne is a skin condition that can affect anyone at any age – babies, teens and adults.

Changes in the body at different phases in life can result in visible changes to the skin.

Babies still being affected by ‘moms’ hormones, passed on to them before birth, will sometimes develop whiteheads.

Teenagers will often develop acne as they hit puberty and their body begins to produce hormones.

Adults may develop acne in their thirties and forties as their hormone levels change again.

One of the most important facts about acne to remember – It is not caused by lack of cleanliness! It is simply not true that people with acne have poor hygiene habits. As a matter of fact, due to this misguided thinking, often acne sufferers wash ‘too much’. Over washing and scrubbing to hard can make acne worse.

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