Zinc Acne Remedies


Because deficiencies of zinc have been linked to acne, Zinc acne remedies have been studied for effectiveness.

Zinc is a mineral found naturally in many of the foods we eat. Lean beef, poultry, dairy, eggs, whole grains, beans, peas, sunflower seeds and nuts are just some healthy sources of zinc.

Often, in our world of fast food, we do not make the connection between facial blemishes and our diets.

Poor eating habits can definitely contribute to a zinc deficiency which studies have linked to acne and other skin disorders.

So how does zinc help acne sufferers?

Zinc has a reputation as an infection fighter. It aids in the healing of tissue, helps the body to resist infection and inflammation and can help to prevent scarring. Zinc also helps with the regulation of hormones and DNA synthesis.

During development periods such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause, we know that body begins producing hormones. This spike in hormone production causes the sebaceous glands to become over-active. These tiny glands at the base of each hair follicle, begin producing excess oil. This oil, also know as sebum, combine with the normal shedding of dead skin cells and dirt can cause pores to become clogged. The oil and bacteria trapped within the pores can result in the manifestation of acne.

A weakened immune system, due to a zinc deficiency will make it more difficult for your body to fight the bacteria and infection. Zinc acne remedies are often recommended based on evidence that indicates that by boosting your immune system and regulating your hormone production you will help your body to fight acne.

There are many forms of zinc – zinc oxide, zinc gluconate, zinc picolinate, zinc acetate, zinc sulfate and zinc monothionine. No one form can be proven beyond doubt to perform better than the others. It is know that zinc inhibits copper absorption. Since a copper deficiency is undesirable and can lead to other health problems, it is necessary to increase your daily copper intake if your are supplementing with zinc. A good multi-vitamin will take care of that.

Zinc acne remedies are not a magic pill. Taking zinc tablets will not guarantee that your acne will disappear. Studies have showed very good results with some, while others showed no benefits at all.

Best recommendation – talk with your doctor or dermatologist about using zinc to combat your acne. You may be one of those who react extremely well to a zinc acne treatment!

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